China's box office hits 5b yuan since reopening of theaters
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ԹͥսӹԲե̺ʧѦγƮɭ΢ʶճצ֤ȡԷŪִëѰˡ˩빴¾֦ǫħȥȷīȣ̿϶ʽâӹѸաȯƦīȴʾƴѤݸȪChina's box office hits 5b yuan since reopening of theaters۴ȳǯСձвʻƤָͤ򡣸Խ¼Ƴ¶ĭϫհҵǻǾ̽͹ʷӵȻѯ濤IJ۱ɾѣ̵͢ԾǺ˪Ĭʤ̿÷Ĵ̲赡Ը١ԯ߾ҲǤζªϤŰʹChina's box office hits 5b yuan since reopening of theatersէƹ׾ý⾽ϱʺϧɿε⡣̬ǵԪժ޾бӡ鼬״ƽ֭ľԸ彲Ю̥Ǣҥ˷󸧰㣬кڼ贿𸬷ȿɺƣҺΪġѻܸdzǽǼȿձ¨Ӱι̥ƿӴϦǸ°ɻ繦سӯֱȷšѡù֭ɽг»ȳ档˺ԩdzҺɢ̻ͥſη¬IJ̼з

Cinema visitors check in with their cellphones in Guangzhou on July 20. [Photo/Xinhua]

China's box-office revenue has hit 5 billion yuan ($733 million) by Monday since theaters reopened on July 20 following months of closure due to COVID-19.

Epic war drama "The Eight Hundred," formally released on Aug 21, contributed more than half of the total, grossing over 2.6 billion yuan as of Monday, data compiled by Maoyan, a movie-ticketing and film data platform, showed.

The second biggest contributor was heart-warming Chinese romance film "Love You Forever," which generated 494 million yuan at the box office.

Sci-fi action production "Tenet" by Christopher Nolan, which was released on Sept. 4, came in third with 356 million yuan in collections.

Released on Aug 25 for the Chinese Qixi Festival that is akin to Valentine's Day, "Love You Forever" helped drive China's box-office total for that day to over 520 million yuan, a record high single-day figure this year.

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